We are a church that is passionate about creating opportunities for people to sow into the house of God through tithes and offerings so the windows of heaven can be opened over their lives and the lives of others (Malachi 3:10).

Give Online

Our simplest way to give! Donate - Hope Village Church ( to set up your one-time or recurring gift online

Text to Give

Text any amount to 84321 and the follow prompts

Give Stocks


Can be placed in the secure giving box during service on a Sunday or sending to: Hope Village Church - PO box 2125, Bothell WA 98041


Can be placed in a HVC giving envelope and put into the secure giving box during service on a Sunday. Please note, if you want a cash donation to reflect on your giving statement you must provide us with your details on the envelope prior to donation.

ACH Details

For ACH payments follow the give online prompts and select your bank account.


What is the benefit of setting up recurring giving for my tithe?
Your obedience, faith, and generosity with the giving of your finances builds the local church, so if you are ever out of town or forget to give, you can be confident that you are still giving.
Does HVC do corporate matching?
Some companies will match their employees up to a certain amount with their gifts to a nonprofit organization. We are in the process of positioning HVC as an option for those wanting to give in this way and are hoping to offer this option in the near future. Please email if you would like to be informed when matching is confirmed.
Will I receive a giving statement?
Yes, we will provide you with a giving statement at the beginning of the year. If you would like to be sent a statement at another time or did not receive a statement at those allocated times then email us here.
Why give via ACH rather my debit/credit card?
We encourage anyone interested to give via ACH rather than credit/debit card so we can avoid the credit card interchange. The fees for ACH transactions are much lower  therefore saving a significant amount of processing fees and instead redirecting your generosity to directly advance the church.