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Our mission is to disciple and empower each intern to live out their God given identity and purpose in all aspects of life. Whether it’s in ministry or the marketplace, the Hope Village Internship will challenge, grow, and empower you to be all you’re destined to be.

New application intake is currently open. Hope Village Internship Season II will start February 2024 and will conclude February 2025.

Ready to be an intern? 

What To Expect

Up close teaching and training from ministry, marketplace and community leaders designed to take you to the next level.
Community Outreach
Once a quarter you will have the opportunity to go into the community to serve those in need in our city.
Public Speaking & Communication
You will get personalized training and feedback on how to speak in public. This includes both preaching and corporate speaking.
Life Management
Learn how to sacrifice, serve, and manage both your personal and professional life.
Team Meetings
Weekly teachings from world-class pastors, speakers and teachers.
Mentorship and Discipleship
Specific mentorship by one of our ministry leaders or pastors.
Be part of the Team!
Join a team that is sold out for God and all that He wants to do in this region.

Level of Commitment

12 Month Commitment

12 month commitment starts on your first intern day.

Required Office Days

Sundays, Tuesdays (9-4) and either Mondays or Wednesdays, determined by your leader.

Attend Church Events

Interns are required to attend one service and serve one service.

Attend A Village Group

And build relationships within our Church community.

Monthly Cost


Bible College and Homework

It is more than homework, it's investing in your future. 

Quotes from our interns

Thais Ribeiro
"The HVC Internship has allowed me to surrender completely to God's plan, and as a result, I began to grow my intimacy with Jesus. The biggest change i've seen in my life is the transformation in my heart, and that has been rippling into every aspect of my life. My friendships, my family, my job, my school EVERYTHING."
Shane O'Brien
"The internship has grown my capacity and allowed me to step into a place of true servant leadership."
Matthew Lara
"Since the internship started I have seen the transformation in myself, going from someone who was very closed off and guarded to a person who loves to see people and to be known. Working together with so many people from so many age ranges has really been a blast, the sense of community and the opportunity to grow and learn along side and with one another has been amazing."
Sally Cramer
"The internship is about staring into the eyes of growth, facing your best possible self, and continuing to develop on that person. This internship has stretched me beyond my wildest imagination. I've been challenged, repeatedly pushed out of my comfort zone, and have felt supported every step of the way by the best team! As my capacity expands, God fills me with peace."

It is the people who are willing to pay the price of preparation that God will use to change the world.